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Fundamental Value Modeler

The Modeler is an interactive “easy” to use business valuation tool combining simplicity with the most rigorous scientific approach. Users can Load a firm in the forecasting environment, Edit and Save a forecast model. Previously saved assumptions are loaded automatically when you return to the stock. Personal forecast models can be Reset to the initial assumptions.

To start your Interactive Value Analysis, just type in and select a new Company Name and modify the Assumptions fields according to your expectations. The input field Sales (next year) is for your next fiscal year's sales forecast and Sales Growth [%] is for your 3-year Sales-CAGR forecast. The field EBIT-Margin [%] is for your sustainable margin forecast. Financial companies are valued with an net income based approach, therefore you can change the field Net Income (next year) and Net Income Growth [%], which is your 3-year Net Income-CAGR forecast. The Automated Stock Valuation Model calculates the Modeler Fair Stock Value and the Modeler Upside based on the assumptions made. Save your assumptions stock by stock in case you want to continue next time when you login again.



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