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Fundamental Value Analyzer

The Analyzer is an “easy” to use business valuation tool combining simplicity with the most rigorous scientific approach. Our Automated Stock Valuation Model (AVM) provides Intrinsic Stock Value estimates and traditional valuation ratios. The AVM's Intrinsic Value Estimates are based on the approaches of Graham & Dodd and Joel Greenblatt, analyzing long-term financial statement data.

How To Use:

  1. At the beginning of this analysis you'll find basic company and stock information, and estimates of absolute Fair Stock Value and Margin Of Safety calculated by our automated valuation model (AVM).
  2. In middle of this analysis our AVM's fair stock value estimates are visualized in a 12-month stock chart, and in a %-Upside aka Margin-Of-Safety chart (see Description below), followed by historical charts of sales and sales growth, valuation and operating profit margin and, net income as reported. Trend lines and average lines in these historical charts can assist you in building your own unbiased expectation of the future.
  3. In the final part of this analysis you'll find the historical stock price performance, equity and balance sheet risk ratios, and traditional valuation multiples (on a ttm basis) including cyclically adjusted P/E.

Note that the Graham model asumes that profits will revert to the mean over the cycle, while the Greenblatt model assumes future profits will broadly follow the historical trend.



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