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Who thought Valuing Stocks could be so Easy?  Fair Value Estimates based on Graham & Dodd and Joel Greenblatt: Analyzer for Automated Intrinsic Value Calculation.  Screener for Margin-Of-Safety Stock Screens. Modeler Interactive Valuation Model for individual forecasts to instantly See What Drives A Company!

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IRM Economic Activity Index

The IRM Economic Activity Index is a daily measure of U.S. economic activity. The IRM index combines economic, bond and commodity market data into a normalized index. Cyclicals and small-cap stocks tend to outperform, when the IRM index rises.

Sector Relative Strength

Global Sector Relative Strength is based on 6 and 12 month relative price strength and market capitalization.

Coppock Indicator

The Coppock Indicator is a momentum oscillator that is designed for long term investors to begin accumulation at the beginning of a bull market. It has proven to be very robust at discriminating between bear market rallies and true bottoms in the market.

Shiller PE

Shiller PE is a price earnings ratio based on average inflation-adjusted earnings from the previous 10 years. Similar to Graham's valuation approach  the averaging of profits over an extended period smoothes out the effects of the economic cycle.